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New Zealand Motorhome Holidays

We are campers...

We have both been keen campers all our lives, we know what is great about camping and we know what makes a not so great camping experience. Good equipment is essential and having a great place to stay is even more so. Motorhome camping in New Zealand you are spoilt for choice, from well appointed commercial holiday parks to freedom camping in remote National Parks, it is all here and we look forward to sharing our favorite camping spots with you.

We have inspected and used the motorhomes we recommend and for all the camping sites we recommend you stay at we have either pitched our tent there or at the very least visited.

We are here in New Zealand, we are here for you before your trip, we are here for you during your trip and here for you when you get home. The motorhome holidays we offer you are designed by us, they are not "bought in" to resell to you, we have driven the routes you will travel, stopped at the sights and points of interest we will tell you about, we have done the short walks and the activities, and we have stayed at the places we recommend to you.

We recognise that you are coming a long way and making a big investment to visit New Zealand, we will take very good care of you and make sure you get the most of what you want from your holiday


Motorhome holidays in New Zealand are very popular and we strongly recommend that arrangements and planning be undertaken at the earliest opportunity, Motor home availability can become very low at times over the summer months.


The majority of our clients ask us for a custom / tailor made itinerary for their holiday and this has been our most successful way in assuring clients get what they want from their holiday. Our custom itinerary service is free when you have booked your motorhome with us and includes the following.

  • Consultation on your requirements and how best to achieve them.
  • Draft Itinerary detailing route, driving times and locations.
  • Budgeting including options for you to consider and camp reccomendations.
  • Comprehensive Final Itinerary, virtually a personal guide book with lots of details and options for you to consider at your leisure as you travel.
  • New Zealand route guides detailing driving times, things to do and see, brilliant for planning your options each day.
  • Booking your arrangements to the extent that you wish.
  • Reservations Schedule detailing important information for the arrangements we book for you.
  • Maps for booked accommodations and activities as required
  • On going support and assistance, pre, during and post trip. We are here for you.

To make an equiry with us please fill out our Custom Itinerary Request Form

For those that are looking for inspiration we have some pre designed itineraries, to see them please click on the following.

New Zealand motor homes

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