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At Self Drive Holidays New Zealand we believe that the best way to start a successful New Zealand campervan holiday is to start out with the right equipment. The choice of campervan, equipment and service is critical and for this reason we only offer campervans from New Zealand's largest provider, THL Holdings. THL Holdings are the premium provider of campervans and their brands include Maui, Britz, Mighty and Kea.

All of the campervans we offer are Certified Self Contained so that you have the freedom to camp in National Parks and Freedom Camping Areas in New Zealand.

Three pick up and drop off locations: Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport, Queenstown Airport.

Motorhomes are taken between the North Island and the South Island by passenger and vehicle ferry.


Maui has been the trusted name in motorhome holiday experiences for over 25 years. We are guided by our philosophy to show you ‘Our World, Your Way’ - sharing our local expertise in a travel style chosen by you. Our customers have a thirst for knowledge and love to meet the locals. To this end, we have created bespoke experiences such as Maui Winery Havens that give you access to experiences only locals would know about. Maui motorhomes accommodate two to six travellers – a balance between great form and function has been our objective along with access to starting your journey nationwide, from 3 locations in NZ and 10 in Australia.

Maui campervans now include the former Kea brand.


Britz knows the journey IS the destination... it’s not where you’re going but how you’re get there. The Britz philosophy is simple – challenge your boundaries, be ambitious in your search for adventure and create great memories along the way. If you don't need it, you don't pay for it, ensuring you challenge your boundaries - not your budget! This approach has encouraged more adventurers to experience the wonderful world of motorhome travel over the years. Select your destination – then choose the camper (or 4WD in Oz) to suit you plus your optional extras (such as Britz Bikes in NZ) that will enhance the road-trip experience.


At Mighty we help travelers kick start stories by providing the best value campervan options. We know you are self-reliant, ready to direct your own road-trip in Australia and New Zealand. Our job is to make it easy by providing the best value campervan options that are simple to use with an easy check out process that gets you on the road faster! Campers accommodate 2 to 6 travellers and are available nationwide in NZ and OZ.

THL Holdings offer design led campervans and own 50% of the company that builds their vehicles.

New Zealand Campervan Models

New Zealand 2 berth campervan

2 berth campervan

Ideal 2 adults and up to 1 child

This innovative, certified self contained vehicle comes with toilet, shower and kitchen facilities, with plenty of space for the family of 3. With automatic transmission, this vehicle is a perfect for an easy family getaway.

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New Zealand 4 berth campervan

4 berth campervan

The focus for this 4 berth motorhome is simply creating room for you and your travelling companions to stretch out in and enjoy each other's company but not live in each other's pockets. Enhanced the front dining zone for a really versatile space.

Your campervan is complete with apartment styled kitchen utensils and fresh white linen, just like what you'd expect to find in a hotel.

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New Zealand 6 berth campervan

6 berth campervan

Space and storage designed for families

This 6 berth campervan has been designed for you and the children. With your campervan rental, you will travel and see the scenery and the children will be safely buckled up in the back.

The 6 Berth campervan provides you with a bigger fridge so you don't have to worry about shopping regularly to stock up. And although you're camping, there's no need to rough it - you'll find high quality crockery and decent wine glasses. The shower is hot and towels are abundant. In addition to a spacious living area, you will enjoy the vast storage space for all your gear.

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New Zealand Campervan Holidays

Self Drive Holidays New Zealand specialise in campervan holidays in New Zealand, to learn more about the services we provide and how we will make your holiday a success please click on the following link. New Zealand campervan holidays

Please note that we only offer campervans to clients booking their New Zealand holiday with us. We do not provide campervan rentals only.